Progressive Super Late Spec Engine

Back in 2000 PROGRESSIVE RACING ENGINES was approached and asked to build a reliable horsepower engine to compete with the high price of a Steel Head engine (about $35,000) and the 9:1 (about $40,000) and this was to be done for at least half the price.
We built the 374 C.I. with extensive R&D and time being put into this package. We placed this engine over a period of one year in four different cars. We rented Lakeland Speedway, ran 200 laps turning it at 8200 to see if there would be any failure and there was no failure. This engine was then put on a wheel dyno against the Steel Head Ford and the Steel Head Chevy. All of the engines were within 10 horsepower.
We released the Florida Spec engine in 2001 and the current price for 2015 is $18,500 with a 750 carburetor. (less alternator and power steering) It makes approximately 600+ HP and 500 FT LB torque on our dyno.
Feedback from every driver who runs this engine is “it is very driveable and very smooth.”
Other engine builders have expressed negativity about this engine and have eventually copied it, ran it and have taken credit for the idea which was originally done by us in 2000.

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